Future Group (FGC) is a transnational group company engaged in aluminum alloy windows & doors projects, building decoration projects, building material trade, commercial real estate and Africa's high-end tourism, headquartered at Huangjinkou City Industrial Park in Wuhan, China. The Africa headquarter of FGC is at Nairobi, Kenya. FGC has twelve wholly-owned subsidiaries in seven countries such as Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya etc. and four wholly-owned subsidiaries in China.

FGC took their first step in Africa. Established in 1998, FGC, through its endeavor for over a decade, has developed from a small-scale aluminum alloy windows & doors processing plant into the windows & doors processing base and logistics center in Guangdong Province and Hubei Province. FGC is a large-scale transnational group company that boasts seven machining & manufacturing centers and more than 80 marketing network points. Business scopes of FGC cover more than 20 countries and regions in Africa. Since 2012, FGC has implemented the diversification development strategy in Africa, and also started Kenya and East Africa tourism, commercial real estate development in Mozambique, etc.

FGC has more than 120 senior Chinese technicians and managerial personnel proficient in English, French, Portuguese and African aboriginal languages with working experience in Africa. FGC has succeeded in fostering more than 200 African local managerial and marketing talents as well, laying a solid foundation for its rapid development in Africa. FGC is one of the most influential Chinese enterprises in Africa, recommended by Chinese embassies in the host countries frequently to Chinese domestic governments or enterprise delegations for visit and investigation.

FGC advocates the corporate spirit of "practicality, diligence, harmony and initiative", regards "serve the country through industry” and "promote the economic and social development" as its own social responsibility, adheres to the values of "share and grow together", and abides by the four principles of “loyalty to the stockowners, loyalty to the employees, loyalty to customers and loyalty to partners". Meanwhile, we require employees to respect each other and cooperate sincerely regardless of the differences in type of work, position, color of skin and nationality.

Developing Africa markets is a long-term development strategy of FGC. We plan to complete the layout of the group diversified development, and make African tourism, commercial real estate, industrial park operation and other emerging industries to become new pillar industries of FGC in five to ten years. FGC in the future will be the most sustainable Chinese private enterprise in Africa and an ideal cooperative partner for Chinese enterprises in Africa. FGC in the future will be the largest aluminum alloy windows & doors enterprise in China and a great lifelong home for employees.