The varieties of Curtain Walls

Stick-built glass curtain wall

Framed curtain wall (also being called stick-built glass curtain wall) is one that curtain wall components processed in workplace (the column, the crossbeam, the panel) are delivered to the building site, and curtain wall column is installed on the main structure one after another through connectors according to certain construction technique, then the crossbeam, the panel glass is installed, and finally the whole curtain wall is completed.

Product Characteristics

The framed curtain wall can be classified by their visional effects into the exposed frame supported by:

  • Semi-hidden frame supported (horizontal hidden type, vertical hidden type).
  • Full-hidden frame supported systems.

The framed curtain wall is widely used in construction curtain wall market with its excellent performance-price ratio.

Cost includes:Per Sqm, Free fitting/fixing,Free Delivery (Within Kampala) USD163