JM46 series framed floor spring doors

The series of floor spring door products are provided with a grand appearance, strong modern sense and good permeability, applicable to public places such as stores, schools, hotels, office buildings, etc.

Profile: Adopting high quality aluminium material, the surface of which can be treated in multiple ways, e.g. oxidation treatment, powder spraying, electrophoresis coloring, wood grain heat transfer printing, etc.

Glass: 10mm or 12mm single toughened glass is adopted.

Accessories: High quality GMT floor spring, door lock and handle are adopted.

Product Characteristics

  • The frame is of aluminium tube design and stable, elegant structure, enhancing the security of doors.
  • It is capable of 900 internal and external opening, stopping at 900 position and automatically closing at other positions.
  • Handles of multiple styles are available, appearing magnificent and opening conveniently.
  • It’s able to meet the opening requirements of super large door leaf.

Cost Includes:Per Sqm, Free fitting/fixing,Free Delivery (Within Kampala) USD204.14