JM73 series sliding windows

Profile: Adopting high quality material, the surface of which can be treated in multi ways, e.g. oxidation treatment, powder spraying, electrophoresis coloring, wood grain heat transfer printing, etc.

Glass: 5mm single glass is adopted, while colorless transparent glass or coated glass can be selected according to the use of functions.

Accessories: High quality silicified seal strip is adopted for sash sealing to improve air-tightness, Neutral silicone sealant is adopted for glass sealing to enhance both anti-aging and sealing performance. Such fitting as pulley, crescent lock or high-grade pulley wheel, hook lock, etc. can be adopted as the sliding window accessories.

The pulley is adjustable to guarantee flexible and stable push-and-pull of window sash; the crescent lock is convenient and easy to use; the hook lock is provided with high stability and excellent burglarproof performance, opening flexibly and safe to use.

Product characteristics

  • The slideway under window outer frame is designed with stepped slide rail, remarkably improving the water-tightness of external window.
  • Gauze window rail is reserved in the frame rail; screen window can be arranged according to the use requirements.
  • 900 bolted connection is adopted for the sash, with convenient processing and fast connection.
  • The sliding doors are designed with recessed door leaf, which opens flexibly with good sealing performance.

Cost Includes:Free fitting/fixing,Free Delivery (Within Kampala) USD 118