T58 Series Sliding windows

Profile: Adopting high quality aluminium material, the surface of which can be treated in multiple ways, e.g. oxidation treatment, powder spraying, wood grain heat transfer printing, electrophoresis coloring, etc.

Glass: 5mm single glass is adopted, while colorless transparent glass or coated glass can be selected according to the use functions.

Accessories: High quality silicified felt strip sealing is adopted for sash sealing to improve air-tightness. Neutral silicone sealant is adopted for glass sealing to enhance both anti-aging and sealing performance. Such fittings as pulley, crescent lock or pulley wheel, hook lock, etc. can be adopted as the sliding window accessories. The pulley is adjustable to guarantee flexible and stable push-and-pull off window sash; the crescent lock is convenient and easy to use; the hook lock is provided with high stability and excellent burglarproof performance, opening flexibility and safe to use.

Product Characteristics

  • The frame design adopts interior decorative branding, which makes an elegant appearance and improves the ornamentality.
  • There is indoor screen window rail reserved for furnishing screen window.
  • This system can be used as either window or large door
  • 450 group comer connection is adopted for all sashes, with high connecting strength and group corner quality.
  • The frame is of high strength rail design, and realizes good drainage system. Rainwater can flow smoothly out of the drain hole, greatly improving the water-tightness performance.
  • The window provided with hook lock will automatically lock just by lightly pushing the sash.

Cost includes: Free fitting/fixing,Free Delivery (Within Kampala) USD181.72