JM55 series vertical hinged doors

Profile: Adopting high quality aluminium material, the surface of which can be treated in multiple ways, e.g. oxidation treatment, powder spraying, wood grain heat transfer printing, electrophoresis, etc.

Glass: 5mm single glass is adopted, while colorless transparent glass; coated glass etc. can be selected according to the use functions.

Accessories: High quality rubber sealing strip is adopted for sash sealing to improve the air-tightness. Neutral silicone sealant is adopted for glass sealing to enhance both anti-aging and sealing performance. Handle two-point lock is adopted for in-swinging casement window, plus side-hung limiter, operating flexibly with good sealing performance. Tilt-turn hardware windows to serve the function of one window multi-opening.

Product Characteristics

  • The frame design adopts interior decorative binding, which makes an elegant appearance and improves the ornamentality.
  • Tilt-turn windows intergrate both in-swinging and tilt-turn opening functions, satisfying the various use functions.
  • 450 group corner connection is adopted for all sashes, with high connecting strength and group corner quality.
  • Specialized equal pressure cavity drainage system enables rainwater to flow smoothly out of the drainage, greatly improving the water-tightness performance.

Cost Includes:Free fitting/fixing,Free Delivery (Within Kampala) USD204.14